Between 1996 & 2002 the Student Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders (SPICOL) took place at the University of the South Pacific. The orignal site has been dismantled from the USP web sites. This is that original material, re-worked into these modern web pages. It is mean to be an archive of this wonderful activity. Material is still being gathered so the site will be updated as the material becomes available. This site is being continually updated, so please come back soon, or use the RSS feed to stay abreast of additions. If you are an alumni, we'd love to hear from you. There is a comments section for each of the years of SPICOL.

What was SPICOL?

SPICOL was a simulation of a conference of leaders, but which included also advocacy groups, news media, a secretariat, technical advisors and even a host nation. All done by students from mainly the USP, but also from other tertiary institutions, not only in Fiji, but also from New Zealand and even University of Hawai'i. The input from USP staff members was minimal (mainly two staff members) and always as a support background facilitation role to make things work in the internal machinery of the university. In other words the work was mostly generated and pushed forward by the students themselves.


Genesis of SPICOL

If there is a single person that can be attributed to the genesis of SPICOL it is Ward Mardfin. Ward had joined USP in 1996 shortly…


Sadly, education at a university level seems follow the stereotype of sitting around a largish auditorium whilst some learned person at the front…

SPICOL Conferences

These are the events that occurred every year between 1996-2002. Access them from the list on the left.

SPICOL 1996 - Globalism

The topic for the first ever SPICOL was based around the theme of 'Globalism' in terms of the impact that it would have on the Pacific nations.…

SPICOL 1997 - Tourism

USP's second SPICOL conference was based around the theme of tourism.

SPICOL 1998 - Tuna Fisheries

The theme for the third SPICOL was around the topic of tuna fisheries industry. "Tuna Fisheries in the Pacific: Regional Hopes, National Sovereignty…

SPICOL 1999 - Population

20th September - 27th September.

This years conference was hosted by the Solomon Island students.

The theme for this year was: Population and…

SPICOL 2000 - Security

How secure are Pacific Islanders in the year 2000? What are the threats and issues surrounding the security of individuals, the interests of Pacific…

SPICOL 2001 - Land Usage

The 6th such conference included active participation from other tertiary institutions outside of Fiji including: University of Hawai'i, Victoria…

SPICOL 2002 - Migration

SPICOL, ran from 23rd September through to 31st September 2002. It was 'hosted' in Tuvalu. This was USP's last SPICOL meeting.


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